2019 Not So Fiscal Budget Announced

2019 Not So Fiscal Budget Announced

On the 11th of March, 2019, this Administration submitted to congress, a dead on arrival campaign style budget for the upcoming fiscal year for our Country. Viewing this proposal from any other side is just purely political.

If you don’t know anyone on Medicaid, Medicare or Social Security, you are either a MAGA person with blinders on or a person wishing they were living in a different country.

This Budget takes major cuts into the heart of the majority of Americans and continues the benefits to the wealthiest of folks, already given massive benefits, from the all Republican tax cuts of 2017.

And Then There’s the Infamous Border Wall

Strictly playing to the base of the his party, more than 8 Billion dollars are now being asked for to work on, not complete, just work on building a wall along the southern border with Mexico. To complete the project reality estimates put it in the 35 billion dollar range, and depending on law suits to defend this misuse of tax payer money, is probably on the low end.

Initial Reactions

From the Speaker of the House, Ms. Pelosi says “The cruel and shortsighted cuts in President Trump’s budget request are a roadmap to a sicker, weaker America. House Democrats will reject this toxic, destructive budget request which would hollow out our national strength and fail to meet the needs of the American people.”

She goes on by saying “Instead of building a stronger, healthier nation, President Trump’s budget would take away Americans’ health care and devastate the pillars of economic security for seniors and families.  After adding $2 trillion to the deficit with the GOP tax scam for the rich, President Trump wants to ransack as much as $2 trillion from Medicare and Medicaid.  While demanding billions more for his wasteful, ineffective wall, President Trump will steal from students and hungry families, from rural communities and American farmers, from clean air and clean water, and from vital, job-creating investments nationwide.”

I believe Ms. Pelosi, in her few choice words at this point, has hit the nail on the head. President Trump is only concerned about his base, and not concerned with the ballooning National Debt and Budget Deficit on his watch.

The National Debt surpassed 22 trillion(with a T) dollars during the first week in February.

The current projection for the remainder of the 2018 budget is around 980 Billion dollar shortfall,  adding to the national debt. Remember those 8 years under Obama, that the republicans cried foul when he proposed budgets that helped American families and still projected a deficit reduction and budget balancing, but had it helping the majority of people, instead of just the ‘select few’.

Most Notable at this Point

I haven’t completed my reading of the proposed budget, but a couple of things I’ve noted as the biggest give and take a ways are these.

Take away would be hitting the farmers of this country once again. President is calling again this year for slashing crop insurance and other farm subsidies by upwards of $28 billion over a decade, or 2.8billion per year. And this is after his hideous trade policies are still forcing many family farms into bankruptcy.

Give away would be to a golfing buddy, Jack Nicklaus, for a mobile type hospital to benefit children after national disaster’s. While I support helping all people during and after a national disaster, to help someone with a political motive with 20+ million dollars in a national budget, when we can’t even help the citizen’s of Puerto Rico thru their disaster of over a year ago, just flies in the face of what this country should be about.

No Matter What Side of the Fence

That is where the majority of  Americans today  want to be, in a middle road economy to keep this country from falling farther into the rule of the corporation or ‘big money’.

If you received a tax cut this year, you most likely owned a business of some sort. If you didn’t have a medical emergency that put you on the doorstep to bankruptcy, you are in the top five percent of Americans. If you don’t have a relative using any of the safety net established for the working poor, you are lucky or you have a dis-honest streak in you.

The majority of Americans are being left behind through the entire hierarchy of Trumps and the republicans ‘free market‘  America they are white washing with a benefit to you. Thank you Fox News and the one sided look at things from the far right point of view.

Take your blinders off and read the damn budget proposed, and most likely supported, by the far right of this country. It has nothing to do with helping folks in our area of McKean County Pa.


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