Davis Vantage Pro 2 weather station

Your Own Weather Station Very few things are as ‘handy’ as having your own home weather station in your backyard. And here’s what I consider the best home weather station. Most of the units today allow you to keep track of rainfall, humidity, dew points, wind speed and direction, etc. With a little extra work, you can even send your data to the internet for everyone to see. With a home weather station you can choose to spend a little, or increase the budget to get a ‘do it all’ unit. We’ll try and help you get the best for your money. As you canRead More →

High water in Annapolis Maryland

In a research article, released February 15th, 2019 in Science Magazine, it confirms what people living and working in historic downtown Annapolis have known for years. It can flood during high tide, without a storm cloud in site. Rising Sea Level is to Blame In 2015, the US Naval Academy (USNA) in Annapolis, along with 17 other coastal military institutions, began sounding the alarms of Sea Level Rise at the bases and schools back in 2013. The USNA is located where the Severn river flows into the Chesapeake Bay and has seen many a day when no one could get near or use the parkingRead More →

domestic terrorism at the NRA boycott any and all advertisers that sponsor them

Just another Saturday in February(the 23rd) was moving along nicely, ahead of a major wind storm we are all expecting into the area, when I decided to troll around the web. I always seem to find something interest to read that comes from the ‘slime added to’ swamp around D.C. I went to Google and thought I would search for a new topic to write about this evening and ‘terrorism’ was one of the first couple of words I type in. Nothing Short of Domestic Terrorism The NRA(national rifle association) took liberty again with their tax exempt status at the IRS, and published another articleRead More →

tax forms creekside freelance writing

The returns(pun intended) are beginning to come in during mid February and a great majority of Americans, that normally file early, are getting a big surprise when they go to pick those returns up. Some, whom never had to pay a dime in taxes the last few years, are having to shell out monies. Most of the people in this category of early filer don’t itemize their returns and have relied on the short form 1040 for handling their taxes. Without income or family changes, refunds have been pretty much a start to help them out in the New Year. A little home improvement, anRead More →

Global Climate Change Map

In their latest release, the annual analysis by NASA and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, revealed on February 6th, that Globally the year 2018 became the fourth warmest on record. This takes into consideration the sea and land temperatures gathered from around the world. “2018 is yet again an extremely warm year on top of a long-term global warming trend,” said GISS(Goddard Institute for Space Studies) Director Gavin Schmidt. He also states that the globe has warmed at least Two Degrees Farenheit(1 degree Celsius) since the 1880’s, when just about everyone agrees that record keeping began. He said “that the warming, in large part,Read More →