Individual-1’s hand picked Attorneys General has done what most people, including myself, figured he would, as he gave Congress a four page glossed over letter with his interpretation of the two year Robert Mueller probe. And he did it in under than 48 hours no less. It was/is clearly one sided, no, not true, a Partisan attempt to say ‘nothing to be seen here, move on’ and make America great again. Barr was picked for a reason And he didn’t let the person who picked him down. He auditioned for the position after he turned down being Trump’s personal attorney to fight against possible implicationsRead More →

Earths natural water cycle

Many days here in NW Pa., we get up in the morning and see in the forecast mostly cloudy. This unfortunately is a ‘way to often forecast’ for us, and the bodies of water to our West and Northwest are as much to blame as any storm system that may be coming through. Evaporation Evaporation, a very important part of the global water cycle, can be defined simply by solar radiation hitting the surface of a body of water and changing that water to a gas. That gas is then lifted into the atmosphere, which in turn can cause clouds to form as moisture isRead More →

Climate vs. Weather, climate is over a period of years, weather is minute to minute, day to day

I’ve listened for way too long to canned responses and reasons that climate change is natural, nothing can be done,  that I’m only a tree hugging ‘Green New Deal’ activist or liberal. Bunk. Everything I write about the climate change in our world is backed by science It pains me that our elected public officials(and you know who you are in this area who voted for these people) have the nerve to conflate the Weather and Climate. Two completely different things. Politicians True Colors For example, during the recent cold blast in the upper  Midwest, in early February, with temps into the -40° range, Individual-1,Read More →

On the 11th of March, 2019, this Administration submitted to congress, a dead on arrival campaign style budget for the upcoming fiscal year for our Country. Viewing this proposal from any other side is just purely political. If you don’t know anyone on Medicaid, Medicare or Social Security, you are either a MAGA person with blinders on or a person wishing they were living in a different country. This Budget takes major cuts into the heart of the majority of Americans and continues the benefits to the wealthiest of folks, already given massive benefits, from the all Republican tax cuts of 2017. And Then There’sRead More →

Don and Ivanka with their golden shovels

I believe I was still in High School, back in that ‘last’ century, when I first heard the term ‘If you are in a hole, put down the dang shovel’. I’ve used it numerous times since then, for myself and advice to others. It just makes sense, stop digging yourself into a deeper situation than you are already in. In Regards to Paul Manfort He lambasted the FBI raid on Manafort’s office and home as the beginning of the proverbial witch hunt, back in July of 2017. ‘Paul’s a fine human being and this whole raid is meant to punish me for beating Tired Hillary’.Read More →