Trumps tax returns have been subpoenaed

New filings in court looks like trouble for Individual 1 A look back. In April of this year, two committees from the House of Representatives, filed subpoenas to both Deutsche Bank and Capital One for financial information regarding Trump, some members of his family and his businesses. He, and members of his cabinet and even Our attorney general, William Barr, filed suits and briefs to stop any disclosure. It has wound it’s way thru the court system thru the summer and we are finally seeing the light of day. On a procedural day in court, last Friday the 23rd, both banks cited ‘contractual obligations’ toRead More →

anything that comes out of his mouth

That’s what he posted early Monday Morning from the G7 Summit Over the last few months, through social media and in person, I have made some enemies of folks for stating my mind and my position about this President, his administration and the way the swamp folks have handled domestic and world affairs, since he was sworn in as #45. On the other hand, I’ve given voice to those that, for whatever reason, have not spoken out before against the blind trust some people have in the way things are going. This post is to those people that believe everything is just rosy and it’sRead More →

President Trump hard at work.

Let’s see. You are the President of the United States and you are in France attending a summit of the 7 most powerful counties in the world. You have meetings scheduled all day with some of the world leaders, a breakfast here, lunch there. But for some reason, you are up at 2:30am France time tweeting about how great ‘your’ stock market is. But even worse than your self centered look at things, you are assuming that if your democratic opponent would have won the election, it would have tanked, or ‘CRASHED’ as you put it.           Since you are toRead More →

the smirking chimp

Increasing Tariffs and Stocks Are Tanking As of this Saturday morning, the country is absorbing another large loss on the US Stock market, while all of us are looking to pay for a stupid trade war that hopefully, will finally get some spineless Republican congressmen to open their mouths. Not really counting on it though, because then ‘The Chosen One’ will come after them as a traitor to their party and country, much like he attacked the Jewish people if they decided to vote Democratic. If you are not a farmer, or a consumer of large household items, such as washers/dryers, refrigerators and televisions, etc.,Read More →