A Woman’s place is in the House, and the Senate

A Woman’s place is in the House, and the Senate

That old adage ‘A woman’s place is in the House’ if proving to be just what this country needs, and a few more in the Senate wouldn’t hurt come 2020.

From local and state level elections this year, to next years Presidential run, I would like to see more women running and elected, on both sides of the aisle.

Record number of women

When the 116th congress was sworn in during the first week of January, 2019, a record number of women took their seats in both the House of Representatives and the Senate. And hopefully, it’s only the beginning.

In the House, there are 102 women having a seat in the chamber. That represents 23% of the 435 member body.

In the Senate, there are 25 seats held by a woman, right at 25% of the 100 member chamber.

In the House, there are 89 Democrats and 13 Republicans representing 34 individual States across the Country. In the Senate, there are 25 different States represented with 17 Democrats and 8 Republican office holders.

Unfortunately, I can’t think of one republican woman, House or Senate, that doesn’t ‘toe the line’ with their older, male dominated ways and policies. While most of the Democratic Women get out front with new ideas and they are not afraid to buck the establishment

A majority of the population deserves more

With a little over 50% of the population women have a major stake in the way things are run in this country, yet they only represent 25% of the public offices at the federal level. But it’s important to see what’s happening at the State level also.

According to the National Conference of State Legislatures there are 7,383 seats in the 50 states and this includes the House and the Senate of each state.

Women hold 1,610 state House seats and 507 state Senate seats, or a total of  2,117 of the 7,383 available. That chimes in at 28.7% nationwide.

Of those, 1,438 are registered as Democrats, 661 as Republicans, 4 claiming 3rd party and 14 non partisan. Those 14 are all in Nebraska as their law allows that type of registration.

I can only hope, that over the next few years, more of these women in the State Legislatures decide to try and move up to the national scene.

A non politician has her say

Couldn’t have said it better myself. This lady gets it and used her ‘tiny’ soapbox to highlight the in-equality of the way things work in this country.

Her name is Muffet McGraw. She’s the head basketball coach of the Women’s team at Notre Dame, and just finished playing in the National Championship game against Baylor.

As I said, this lady gets it. Turn up your volume as she begins her rant after a question about hiring a male assistant coach to start the clip


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