About Creekside Freelance Writing

It’s not just a byline. There’s something about sitting by the creekside that lets the mind relax and do a little thinking.

Whether you have a creek to go sit by or have some other form of relaxation to put the mind into ‘wandering’ mode, we all have a story or two to tell.

Let That Writer in You Out

Hi, my name is Brad and this is my website for putting things into words that run through the mind. Whether it’s life in general, what’s going on with the weather/climate, or delving into some politics on occasion, just letting it out.

I wish to extend an invitation to all of you that stop by the site to do the same. Feel free to make a guest post, sign up to be a regular contributor or just login to that you can comment on posts you see around the website.

Looking for a Website?

I believe I can help with that also! Over the years, I’ve created and published a few, with this one being my latest endeavor.

Since I moved into McKean County in 1989, I continued my career as a contractor in the construction business. One of my first websites was for that purpose, to give folks a way to contact me if it wasn’t from word of mouth. The latest version can be found at McKeanHandyman.com

Before putting that newer site together I basically just had a ‘static’ page or two that would give folks a way to contact me but didn’t really have any way for folks to interact or view any projects I may have taken on. I still try and add some new content once and a while, but for now, if someone searches on the web for a ‘handyman McKean County’ or ‘Handyman Bradford Pa.), the site will pop up in the first few spots on the search page.

To use the term SEO(Search Engine Optimization) is what that is all about. Coding your site so out of all the hundreds of thousands of websites out there, your’s can be found when someone goes searching. We can help you get your site optimized if you aren’t getting the hits form the engines to grow your site.

I’ve always had a fascination with the weather, so my next website was a no brainer. I purchased a Davis VP2 home weather station in early 2011 and the rest they say is history. I wanted to get the info my machine was giving me up on the web for folks to see.

McKeanWeather.com is a hand coded, using PHP and other web languages, to bring the data to the web. I’ve resisted using a CMS(Content Management System) like wordpress, joomla, etc. on that site ’cause I’m kind of proud of the way it looks and functions on it’s own.

Again, if you go to a search engine and want to know the local weather, ‘weather mckean county’, you’ll find my site on the first page of the listings. For this area, I also have a fairly active FaceBook page that deals with our local weather.

If you currently have a website, and it’s possibly not doing what you hoped it would do, or if you’ve always wanted to put one up, but just too many questions surround you making that decision, contact me and we’ll see what we can do.

We’ll work with you to get a domain name(like CreeksideFreelanceWriting.com) to suit what you want to accomplish on the web. Whether it’s for your business, about your farm or ranch, the horses you raise, or just a hobby website, we’ve been through the paces and can get you there.

And About Freelance Writing

Looking for fresh, well researched articles for your current website? My prices and content should be able to help. If you have a current site and need an article or two, here’s a suggestion.

Use my contact form and in the body of the message, give me a topic that you would like to have written about for your site. Include the your site’s web address, like McKeanHandyman.com and I’ll pop over to the site and have a look. Then I’ll put together a 500 word or so ditty covering the topic you requested. If you like what you see in that blurb, we can work out getting you a full length article for you to publish, it’s that simple.

And if you have any suggestions or comments on the website, use that form also. Otherwise, kick around the site and enjoy doing some writing on your own. It should keep the mind young.