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Increasing Tariffs and Stocks Are Tanking As of this Saturday morning, the country is absorbing another large loss on the US Stock market, while all of us are looking to pay for a stupid trade war that hopefully, will finally get some spineless Republican congressmen to open their mouths. Not really counting on it though, because then ‘The Chosen One’ will come after them as a traitor to their party and country, much like he attacked the Jewish people if they decided to vote Democratic. If you are not a farmer, or a consumer of large household items, such as washers/dryers, refrigerators and televisions, etc.,Read More →

Republicans don't think the deficit is so bad now that they are in power

More Broken Promises? From the minute he announced his candidacy for president, Donald Trump said he would eliminate the 19 trillion dollar national debt, cut taxes and renegotiate trade deals that are killing our country. Yet, as we are into the second quarter of the 2019 Federal Government’s Budget year, things aren’t looking so rosy for that prediction. We quickly take a look at how those three items have come along during the first two years of this administration. The National Debt First quarter debt rose a whopping 41% compared to the same quarter of fiscal 2018. That time frame, from October 1st through DecemberRead More →

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It’s a telling tale happening through the court systems, from the heavy farming states in the Midwest, like Ohio and Indiana and stretching into the South West, States like Wyoming and Colorado. Almost every sector of the farming community is being affected by a large uptick bankruptcies, with the majority of the blame being placed on an ill advised trade problem within the current White House. Will it get worse or level off Some say it’s too early to tell. American farmers are almost to good at what they do. Even before the President slapped tariffs on many crops, they were at or near recordRead More →