Court Filings From Deutsche Bank

Court Filings From Deutsche Bank

New filings in court looks like trouble for Individual 1

A look back. In April of this year, two committees from the House of Representatives, filed subpoenas to both Deutsche Bank and Capital One for financial information regarding Trump, some members of his family and his businesses.

He, and members of his cabinet and even Our attorney general, William Barr, filed suits and briefs to stop any disclosure. It has wound it’s way thru the court system thru the summer and we are finally seeing the light of day.

On a procedural day in court, last Friday the 23rd, both banks cited ‘contractual obligations’ to not let the appeals judges know if there were tax returns involved in the requests for information.

A Major Turn on Monday, the 26th of August

The Judges from the Federal Appeals Court hearing the case, made a demand to each of the Banks to state whether the subpoenaed material included the Presidents, or any other tax returns. That was Monday.

Both banks, on Tuesday the 27th, filed letters with the court. Capital One stated that they had no tax returns to turn over to congress, with a letter filed by their attorney.

Letter Filed By Capital One Attorney’s

Personally, I find that a little fishy, as I have taken out varying loans and mortgages, and have always had to turn over at least two years returns. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Judge’s feel the same way.

Deutsche Bank on the other hand, in it’s response to the Judge’s order, said quite explicitly that tax returns were definitely part of the material it is set to turn over to Congress. Here’s part of their response to the Judges request.

It also filed a second, non redacted version that the court put under seal. Over the next few days, weeks maybe, we’ll have to keep an eye on this Appeals Court for their decisions.

But the Possible Real Kicker

Through a leak from someone in the food chain at Duetsche Bank, a couple of the loan applications applied for by either Trump, his family members, or all, have been co-signed by some Russian Folks close to Vladimir Putin.

trump could now be exposed as a liar and traitor
Hmmm, what we’ve been saying all along may finally be coming out!

If, and I type again, If this is true, even the Republicans in Congress can’t turn their collective heads and say ‘no big deal’. It would really explain Trumps love for one of the worst people on earth. You can check out the episode that aired Tuesday night here.



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