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At Creekside Freelance Writing, we can offer you quite a few services, on and off the web.

I only speak English, so if you are looking for a bi-lingual freelance writer, well, at least we have that out of the way. But is also makes it nice that when talking on the phone or trying to communicate with your writer through eMail, there’s never a translation problem.

Frankly, that’s about the only thing I ‘don’t’ do, is speak a second language.

Web Content Writing

In the case you already have a website up, are you getting the ‘hits’ to your website? Do you have anyone contacting you about your product or service? Have you ever gotten a sale for your website?

Web Content Writing, when it is well done, attracts new potential customers. It will target a specific audience, whether it be regional or for your particular product. I do this through SEO(Search Engine Optimization) and that involves, basically, giving the large search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing a reason to put your business and product high on the list when someone enters words into them.

Just a couple of examples from sites I have up, enter into your favorite search engine weather mckean county or any combination of the words. Another would be handyman mckean county or any combo. Even though this is a new site, at the end of February 2019, you can try writing freelance creek side or any combination.

You will most likely find , and popping up in the first few results on the page.

That is SEO and how you get your site noticed out of all the millions of possible pages that show up.

Let me take over your website content and SEO for a while and see if you don’t have better results for your business or product. I guarantee you will!

White Papers

A White Paper(s) for your business can take many forms, but the main thing you try and cover is a marketing angle on a certain process or materials used by your business.

This can be by specific steel framing of a new structure to the spices you use to prepare your foods.

What you want to convey with a White Paper is the distinction in the way your business can help those who read the content. Often times a White Paper becomes the final ‘sales tool’ that gets you some extra business.

Once we know what your business does and how it operates, we can suggest topics for White Papers and go over any ideas that you may have.


Your current customers will have normally contacted you at least once with an eMail and that list of eMails from your customers is a valuable tool.

Just because you have an eMail address, that doesn’t give you the right to Bombard that person with daily fluff, but it does give you the right to occasionally ‘get back to them’ to make sure everything is going OK with their purchase.

In that eMail you can casually mention or ask, if he/she would know of anyone else that might benefit from your services. A happy customer may send along the name or two of possible clients.

A business owner can’t begin to put a price tag on a ‘word of mouth’ recommendation for work or services. I can help you learn to get the most out of your current/past customers.


Everyone likes something for ‘free’ and to put into a prospective customers hand a description of your work, the process that goes into making your product and the service they can expect after a sale, an eBook is the perfect tool.

A short, but concise few thousand words on the way you go about selling a home, or for a seller to get their home ready for sale, or what kind of nuts and ingredients go into your chewy granola bars, these are all things that an eBook can cover.

I’ll give you a price to compose a few thousand words, with pictures and comparisons, that you can put on your website as a PDF document for download. The only requirement is to get that person’s eMail address so your website can send them a link to download a copy. And here comes another way to get a prospective new customer’s eMail address for you to use at another time. Win/Win… Marketing 101…

Press Releases

First off, if you or your business has never issued a press release, you are missing out on some of the best free publicity that money can’t buy. But even if you been in business a few months or years, it’s never to late to put one together. In fact, a press release could/should be a part of a yearly marketing plan.

Some items to cover would be a new cabinet line you are introducing if you do kitchen remodels. A new associate that has joined the team. Updating existing products or opening a new office. Any number of reason to issue a press release.

Local newspapers are always looking for ‘fresh’ content and a well written release could even get them to send a reporter to contact you for a follow up.

There are also valuable places online for issuing a release for your particular niche in the market place. Let me help you open up this valuable way for free publicity.

Sales Pages

Writing a convincing and thorough sales page should be at the top of your list. Conveying, from start to finish, how you would interact with a prospective customer from getting what they want and following up after the sale.

List your easy to find contact forms, give a link to your FAQ or Knowledge Base of previous asked questions, state your guarantee for all to see.

There’s more to it than that, and I’ll walk you through the process to include everything that a new customer will want to know before you get the sale or a contract signed.

Website and Blog

Two of the most important ways to convey your product or service for online marketing! Even if you have a ‘brick and mortar’ type store, and what you consider a decent amount of foot traffic, a residence on the web will bring you more.

Even if you currently are paying for a website, yet you feel your investment isn’t getting you the return you expected, there are many ways to make it a better, more lively and user friendly place to market your wares.

If you don’t have a website, well tisk-tisk, let’s get you one. Let me know who and what your business is about, we’ll decide on a ‘domain name’, like and we’ll get one registered for you. I have space on my server that you can use to host the site and then you can begin the journey to getting more customers. And not to be patronizing, I’ll walk you through each step as it’s something I’ve been through numerous times.

Once that is set up, and just as important, we’ll set you up with a blog. That way, when you do a new job, sell another home, add a product or associate to your business, you can just hop on the internet and make the post yourself. You can include photos of your work or the person/product, provide updates, thank all of your customers, offer this or that, all just like writing an eMail. It is really simple and if you live close enough, I’ll even come to your laptop or computer to help you get the just of it.

On the other hand, if you would like me to administer the site for you, I can do that also. You would just send along a copy of what you want published and I’ll take it from there. Main thing is to get onto the web to expand your business.

Privacy Policy

With all of the new worldwide and local concerns for Privacy on the Internet, if you have a website up currently, then you are required by laws to have a Privacy Policy located somewhere on your website.

Although it sounds like another regulation for business owners, it does allow your visitor’s the knowledge that you are aware of the privacy of the data your site collects. Even if that data is only a ‘cookie’ to track the visitors to your site, it has to be mentioned in a published policy on your site.

We’ve written these before and can/will help you get your’s on the web. Just contact me for more info.


As many people that have worked with me know, I love doing research. It can be about the weather, a product or service, or a new way of doing business that you might want to explore for your situation.

I promise to give you in depth and unbiased research on any topic(well almost, lol) that you wish to find out about. You name the topic, I’ll send you back a draft and table of contents and given your permission I’ll get back to you ASAP with the finished product.

We Also Have a Drone!

Myself and my drone are registered with the FAA. What does this have to do with writing? Many different things for the right business or even for personal use.

View from my drone
Birds Eye View of Your Property
click to enlarge

An example would be a real estate agent that would want to get some hard to get views of a property they have listed. A fly over and around of your brick and mortar store. And even if you don’t have a business, maybe you would like your property photographed.

With this service we will also provide a very nice ‘video’ as we are flying around your subject. So you get both, some quality still photos and a movie on disk so that you can pop it into your computer or TV, then gather up friends/family and some popcorn.

Our prices vary on the use of the drone, but most assuredly it will cost you a cup of coffee to look over your subject or property before we begin.

Three Tiered Approach

We’ve put together three packages that are all designed to get you moving toward the finish line with your website and/or articles.

  1. Basic. In the basic package, you will give me the outline of what you want done. We’ll get together thru email or chat, and decide what I need from you to put your article together. This will be for let’s say a single blog post with one revision.
  2. Standard. Here we can do a bi-monthly post to your blog on topics of your choice. They can be more detailed, with some marketing research and a few photos related to the topic
  3. Premium. This package is basically a retainer type setup and when you have a new idea that you want posted to your blog or website, I’ll take over and go full throttle with research, photos and make them fit your situation

Per Word/Hour Versus Fixed Rate Pricing.

Once we have agreed on what you need written and you have filled in any holes or questions I may have, I will send you an fixed price quote for the work and the piece(s).

The reasons I choose this method is many. First, you know how much you are going to pay for the items and we’ve spelled out, through the estimate, what your end goal is. Second, there’s no way I can take advantage of you by saying this took X-many hours to write, here’s what you owe me. No surprises! I guess that’s really two ways of explaining one reason, but I want you to know upfront what you are going to pay.

Do you want photos with your article? Are you comparing your item to another item? Do you want to add ‘SEO'(Search Engine Optimization) as part of the wordage? It’s all spelled out on that estimate, which will turn into a contract should you decide to accept it.

You will also include what time frame you need the item for. Rushed, like ‘over night’ might have to include an extra small percentage to just drop everything to get it back to you, but can be done.

If we’ve never worked together before, I’ll most likely ask for up to 25% down payment to get the work done. If you decide to keep me tagging along for projects as they come up, we can most likely dispense with that deposit later.

Once you have the new article or item, read it through and we can work on a single re-write to get it exactly where you want it. I’m not just writing and sending you the copy and then never chat again. I want you as a customer of mine for life.

Once you say that the item is fine, it will be clearly printed on the estimate, now contract, that you have X-many days to send along the rest of the payment once you have the writing posted. One week is the usual time frame I set that at.

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