Initial Reaction To The Barr Letter

Initial Reaction To The Barr Letter

Individual-1’s hand picked Attorneys General has done what most people, including myself, figured he would, as he gave Congress a four page glossed over letter with his interpretation of the two year Robert Mueller probe. And he did it in under than 48 hours no less.

It was/is clearly one sided, no, not true, a Partisan attempt to say ‘nothing to be seen here, move on’ and make America great again.

Barr was picked for a reason

And he didn’t let the person who picked him down. He auditioned for the position after he turned down being Trump’s personal attorney to fight against possible implications of the Mueller Investigation.

In the late spring of 2017, Barr was brought into the White House and asked if he would lead his personal defense team against the investigation. Plenty of other top flight D.C. defense attorneys turned down the job and Barr, who was attorney general under  George H.W. Bush, also declined, stating he had other things going on. Then the job was given to the ever quotable Rudolph Giuliani.

Right then and there should be reason enough for now attorney general Barr to recluse himself from the Mueller investigation. A definite conflict of interest when asked to represent a defendant in an on going investigation.

Under President Bush, Barr was also very instrumental in issuing pardons for those found guilty in the Iran-Contra affair. The special council that was appointed at that time, Lawrence Walsh, called the actions to pardon a cover up by Bush and Barr, for the criminal activities during the Reagan presidency.

Seeing a pattern here?

Leading up to his AG nomination

Barr again caught Trumps eye when he wrote a rambling 19 page memo that was even more partisan and gave, in his mind, a sitting President to do what he wanted, without any oversight what so ever. That was in June of 2018.

If you take a look at that memo, you will see that it wasn’t purely lawyer speak, he was indeed rambling like he was on an ‘extra’ caffeine rush. He misconstrued so many statutes into making us think that a President can get away with anything. Trump loved it.

Barr has opposed a free and open internet, had advocated for the TimeWarner/AT&T merger, which his justice department said would hurt consumers. Has opposed protections for investors in companies, siding with the likes of Enron and Worldcom scandals over their investors and even called the Affordable Care Act unconstitutional so I’m sure that he will not defend, as AG, any lawsuits that arise against the law under his tenure.

Two Year Investigation Now complete

After nearly 3,000 subpoenas, a dozen or so requests to foreign governments for materials and information, going on 500 executed search warrants and over 500 individuals brought in before the special council, I believe the American people deserve to see the full report.

The indictments and pleas deals from Michael Flynn(lock her up fame), Paul Manafort, trumps one time campaign chairman, and Michael Cohen, the one time ‘fixer’ and hush money guru, are all going to be doing prison time for their actions. And they did none of this with Trumps knowledge?

Celebrating a little too early

And all of the dancing around and ‘spiking the football’ by the administration and his cronies is way to premature. Congress will one day see the full report, that’s just a matter of time, but now Trump and his inner circle will be fighting off criminal charges from local and state charges against his ‘foundation’ and making money off his presidency.

Democrats in Congress have now set a date to have the full report put in the hands of the committee chairs of April 2nd. That’s when the fight for full disclosure by the partisan, hand pick suppressor of the report will begin.

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