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Welcome to Creekside Freelance Writing

I can’t think of one person that I’ve met face to face or chatted with online through the different social media sites, that didn’t have a little bug in them. That bug is to put a story into print at least once in their life. At Creekside Freelance Writing, we want to allow that bug to grow and take it off your to-do list.

Whether it’s a short ditty about your life, or a friend you know that makes a difference in the lives of people he or she touches, let’s get it written down. One of the reasons that I’ve set this site up is that there just aren’t as many places as you may think for someone to publish something they’ve been wanting to write. And that includes myself, you have to have written articles that are published before you can publish any articles, let alone try and sell some of your work.

How it Works

We have many categories to choose from, or when you register, suggest a category not already listed that you may have a story to tell about. We are flexible and want to assist you in anyway we can to get something on to the web, for folks to see.

We have two ways for you to join in the fun of posting to the web. Both have their perks and drawbacks. The first one is to create an account and the second is to ‘guest post’. When you create an account to post, you are allowed more posting privileges than if you just use the guest posting option. For example, if you register, you have a nice ‘editor’ to work on your post. You can come back to it any time thru your link to the site to make changes. You can also add images and other fun stuff that we just can’t allow from guest posting.

On the other hand, with a guest post, you are limited to posting options, no images and once it’s sent, no way to edit it if something is wrong. And then, when you have another post to let us enjoy, just come back and use the guest post form again.

To Create an Account

At the bottom left of each page, there’s a link to ‘Create Account’ and once you fill that out, I’ll get an email of your interest in joining in on the conversation. I’ll be back to you ASAP with any questions I may have. If I don’t have a problem with your request, I’ll send along ‘log in’ details and a little ditty to show you how to make your first post.

To Place a Guest Post

If you follow this link you can just post away. I’ll get a notification of your post and look it over, and get back to you with a link to your post. In other words, I’ll have to approve the post for bad content like profanity or other items I may deem not suitable for publication. If applicable, we’ll make those changes together, then put it up for the world to see.

If you have any problems or questions after that, I’ll also include an eMail address of mine to communicate any questions you may have.

Commenting On Posts

Unfortunately, with the web the way it is with hundreds of bots traveling about, we have to limit even commenting on posts to a ‘logged in’ person. This prevents those ‘bots’ from coming around and trying to mess with things behind the scenes.  It’s Painless and we don’t keep anything but a username and password so you can come back and enjoy the site in the future.

If the fact of registering to make a post or a comment bothers you, to send along any concerns you may have so we can get it sorted out. I want you to feel comfortable with any decision you make!