National Butterfly Center Sues Federal Government

National Butterfly Center Sues Federal Government

In the latest chapter of what is considered another useless stretch of the President’s border wall, attorney’s for the National Butterfly Center have filed more paperwork in federal court to halt the project.

A non profit organization that has to sue the Federal government for taking away their land for a wall that will do nothing to stop illegal immigration thru the property. Yet the government says that the birds and butterfly’s can ‘fly over the wall’.

Still, this is private property and a power grab that should not be happening. Many of the locals see the wall as ‘rasict’ and a great waste of taxpayer money.

What’s Next

In an article published on the 12th of February, the Texas Observer notes that the Six Mile stretch of wall could begin construction as early as this week. The latest motion to the Federal court alleges that the government and it’s contractors are already driving through the refuge to get to the construction site of the wall.

According to the observer’s article, Marianna Treviño-Wright in late July, 2017, found contractors working for the U.S. Border Patrol, “using chainsaws to clear natural habitat and widening a road thru the preserve’s property.”

In late November, early December of 2017, The American Butterfly Association, put out this statement. “Recently, agents from the Border Patrol Agency has been telling visitors that they weren’t authorized to enter the sanctuary as it was off limits.” Dr. Jeffrey Glassberg, President of the Association, went on “The Center if Private Property and does not belong to the Federal Governmnt.

After repeated attempts to make nice with the border patrol and contacts through the area’s congressional elected officials, the center took the action to file lawsuit. We believe the federal government has been behaving illegally and in a really egregious fashion in many different ways, so we’re seeking an injunction to try and have the courts make them behave in a way that is consistent with the law and the constitution”.

So, on December 11th of 2017, the Association filed suit against the Government and this latest motion is attached to the original lawsuit.

Eminent Domain?

Even before he became President, Eminent Domain, the power to seize a persons real estate for the ‘public good’, was always a favorite tool that allowed him to otherwise ‘take’ a persons property that wouldn’t accept his cheap offers.

Many times he landed in court over his tactics and many times he lost. Plenty of folks still live next to some of his properties, their houses or land he wanted for parking or other amenities to compliment his deals.

He’s now using a Federal Government version of eminent domain for his own personal campaign pledges thru the election. And of course, to buy the steel for the wall from the only company in the world that makes that kind of steel. Hint, the company is not located in this country, nor on the North American continent. It’s very cold in that country and has had the same president in power for decades….Right!

It Must End!

Many property owners are having the same nightmarish harassment’s along the border and living here in the northern states, we are more than insulated to their woes. Feel free, as I did, to drop a little note of support and if you can, a little donation to help fight the government power grab going on.

They have a very interesting website for the National Butterfly Center where you can do just that, or you can stop by their FaceBook page.

We must not allow this to continue!

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