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What Personal Data We Collect and Why

Contact Forms

When visitors use a contact form on the site we collect the data shown in the form, and also the visitor’s IP address and browser user agent string to help spam detection. We don’t save the data into a database anywhere on our server, only in the eMail the contact form was sent with, is collected by the administrator of the site offline.

Site Registration Forms

If you register thru a form to be a contributor to the site, whether to post in the future or to just comment on a current post, the data in the form is stored to make logging back into the site an easier process.

That data would include the date/time you registered, your name and email address, and any comment you may have made into the ‘message’ section of the form. This data is stored securely by our content management system on our server.

Social Login

If you use a Social Login, such as from Facebook, Instagram, Google, etc.

We collect your public profile data only from your consent that you grant before initiating Social Login, from the social network used to login at our website. This data includes your first name, last name, email address, link to your social media profile, unique identifier, link to social profile avatar. This data is used to create your user profile at our website. You can revoke this consent at any time by sending us an email.

CreekSider Newsletter

When you register to receive The CreekSider, the data from the form is stored securely on our server. Name and eMail address, along with the date/time you submitted the form. This data is only used when a our newsletter is sent out to the subscribers. No one else will ever see your data.

You also, as a subscriber, can log into your ‘account’ and make changes to that account. Change your email address or your name would be the main reasons. Our newsletter script also keeps track of those changes with the current time and IPaddress of your machine making the changes.

To cancel your newsletter subsciption can be accomplished in two ways. You will have a link to do so if you log into your account and use the link to ‘cancel’. Also, each newsletter will have a ‘cancel’ link at the bottom of the letter.

We may, if deemed necessary, cancel your subscription. This would normally only happen if your email address on file is no longer accepting our newsletter because you’ve changed it without adding a new email address in your account.


In order to better serve you and improve the user experience, we are analyzing the audience of our site with Web Analytics solution: AFS Analytics .

Here is what they track and how they store the info. Creekside does not share this info with anyone.

This service, which complies with the general data protection regulations, may save personal data (as defined by the GDPR) as a subcontractor, including a unique number consisting of alphanumeric characters identifying you. This encrypted data is saved on secure servers located in France or in Canada. Canada guarantees data protection under Articles 44 and 46 of the GDPR. No banking information is transmitted to AFS Analytics.

We are the sole owner of the personally identifiable or not information data collected on our website. AFS Analytics does not share, sell, or claim any rights to this data. The storage duration is limited to 365 days by default.

You may request the deletion or modification of this data by contacting our Data Manager or DataSense, the company responsible for data for AFS Analytics. For collecting data, we are using analytics.js, a library developed by AFS Analytics. This library uses cookie technology.

The cookies are exclusively attached to our domain name, first-party Cookies and are not shared . The data collected makes it possible to provide statistical traffic data. We are the sole owner of these cookies, and you can oppose their registration: Click here to opt out of AFS Analytics cookies.

Rights You Have Over the Data We Keep

If you have commented or registered on the Creeksider, that data is kept as long as you keep coming around once and a while to post. You, at anytime can request to have the data removed and your rights and privileges to post will be removed also. That would be the only way to thoroughly remove your data.

Links to Other Websites

We from time to time put links to other websites in the contents of our pages and posts. This is done to reference items we may have used in the article or explanation of the data that we cited.

Although we would not knowingly link to another site that would mistreat peoples information, they should have their own privacy or terms of use page that explains how they treat their visitors.

In Conclusion

We surf the web also and take great strides to protect our data as we do. You can rest assured that the Creeksider is and will always abide by ethical standards for data gathering, use and storage.

Basically, except for the tracking cookie, you leave us with no data unless you sign up through one of the various forms. Then and only then, do we use that data to let you enjoy the site even more.

How ironic I close by saying if you have any concerns about our site, please use one of the many forms to contact me, *grin* or click on the eMail address at the top of the page that will open in your default eMail software on your computer.

Enjoy Creekside Freelance Writing!