Sea Level Rise- Case Study -Annapolis Maryland

Sea Level Rise- Case Study -Annapolis Maryland

In a research article, released February 15th, 2019 in Science Magazine, it confirms what people living and working in historic downtown Annapolis have known for years. It can flood during high tide, without a storm cloud in site.

Rising Sea Level is to Blame

In 2015, the US Naval Academy (USNA) in Annapolis, along with 17 other coastal military institutions, began sounding the alarms of Sea Level Rise at the bases and schools back in 2013. The USNA is located where the Severn river flows into the Chesapeake Bay and has seen many a day when no one could get near or use the parking lot on that side of the Academy.

At a great taxpayers expense, plans are in place to raise the seawall by up to three feet over the next few years to try and mitigate the rising tides.

Local businesses and the tourism industry, on their side of the river, don’t have the money or the backing as of yet to do the same. Just about every high tide now produces un-navigable waters where parking, streets and walking were a main draw to the downtown historic district.

Local Coverage, But No National Press

The Capital Gazette, located in Annapolis, Maryland’s Capital, has also been sounding the alarm about the rising tides since 2013, as about every high tide has been producing flooding in that part of the historic downtown area. And year by year, it’s only getting worse.

Many articles in the link above talk and show photos of what’s been going on in that area for years, as Washington DC and governing politicians, only a stones throw away, ‘gloss over’ the cause.

National news coverage is pretty much non existent, mainly because of fear for loss of viewers or readership if they jump out with warnings about ‘Climate Change’ that is causing rising sea levels.

Other Coastal Areas Already Seeing Rising Sea Level

According to, Florida and other coastal States are scrambling to mitigate the damages already occurring along their coastal communities.

Now, before you go and say that the website is run by left leaning tree huggers and environmentalists, just take a look at their ‘About Us‘ page and you will see that it’s many of the people in charge of mitigation challenges up and down the coast lines of the United States.

These folks, through their jobs, not their politics, are on the front line trying to protect drinking water, roadways and sewage plants, that millions of people are using in their daily lives.

If you click on ‘States’ in the top menu bar of any page, it will take you to a drop down box where you can select any coastal State on the West or East coast and the States along the Gulf of Mexico. It will give you stats for each State and how much rise has taken place in each since 1950 or so.

Each State will vary a bit from that year, but it’s when the first or a series of buoys were put in place that are used for that and other weather related purposes.

Sea Level Rise is already a major concern in our country, but not to the majority of ‘elected leaders’ of our country. Head’s buried in the sand can only take you so far, just like money lining the pockets of many of them from big oil and other fossil fuel producing sections of our economy.


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