More Women need to have a seat in the capitol

That old adage ‘A woman’s place is in the House’ if proving to be just what this country needs, and a few more in the Senate wouldn’t hurt come 2020. From local and state level elections this year, to next years Presidential run, I would like to see more women running and elected, on both sides of the aisle. Record number of women When the 116th congress was sworn in during the first week of January, 2019, a record number of women took their seats in both the House of Representatives and the Senate. And hopefully, it’s only the beginning. In the House, there areRead More →

tax forms creekside freelance writing

The returns(pun intended) are beginning to come in during mid February and a great majority of Americans, that normally file early, are getting a big surprise when they go to pick those returns up. Some, whom never had to pay a dime in taxes the last few years, are having to shell out monies. Most of the people in this category of early filer don’t itemize their returns and have relied on the short form 1040 for handling their taxes. Without income or family changes, refunds have been pretty much a start to help them out in the New Year. A little home improvement, anRead More →