Trump and ‘His Stock Market’

Trump and ‘His Stock Market’

That’s what he posted early Monday Morning from the G7 Summit

Over the last few months, through social media and in person, I have made some enemies of folks for stating my mind and my position about this President, his administration and the way the swamp folks have handled domestic and world affairs, since he was sworn in as #45.

On the other hand, I’ve given voice to those that, for whatever reason, have not spoken out before against the blind trust some people have in the way things are going. This post is to those people that believe everything is just rosy and it’s all because the ‘Chosen One’ is in office.

The Last Four Presidents

I’m old enough to remember the Clinton years, the only administration in my life time, that had two consecutive balanced yearly budgets and gave the federal government an actual surplus. Mind you, the House thru his years was mainly Republican controlled, but at least they were all for the common good of the country. Tax increases were not a bad thing and were mainly aimed at those that could afford it, so the economy rolled right along.

Then we came into the George Jr. years, and the Bush White House. Three different times they dropped taxes, but mainly for the folks at the top. Medicare was messed with, given a large ‘donut hole’ where senior citizens had to pay more out of pocket for life saving drugs and treatment. Near the end of his time in the White House, upon pressure of a ballooning budget and deficit from wars we didn’t need to fight, the markets tanked and he left the country in way worse shape than when he took over.

Enter President Obama, for whom Mitch McConnel said, before the new president was even inaugurated, that his main goal was to limit him to just one term. But by the end of his first four years in office, public support for the first African American President was overwhelming and he cruised to a second, popular vote election. Jobs were once again being created, consumer confidence reached all time levels, stock market more than doubled, over 100 months of private sector job growth, growing domestic product and slashing annual budget deficits.

Economy was once again doing great under a democratic President when Donald Trump took the electoral, not the popular vote. Even before the end of January when he was elected, it was clear his main goal was to undo whatever President Obama had done. And as far as the economy is concerned, he and his Republican cohorts gave to the riches 3% of people and all major corporations, a windfall tax break that is now coming back to all that voted for it. Oh, and not to mention a trade war that is having world wide economic repercussions.

Won’t do any good, but here goes.

Just looking at the three images on this page, and there are plenty more where these came from, we can see some data that can’t, or shouldn’t be overlooked.

Republican Presidents have a penchant for running things in the ground for the good of only a small fraction of the American population. Fox News nor Limbaugh or any of the other talking heads won’t mention it, but it’s the way things are if you just look at the data.

Here’s a graph showing the last 4 Presidents and how the Dow Jones responded during their time in office. You can see that Bush’s time in office, he was mostly under water, stocks and the country as a hole had a hard time with his policies.

Trumps little over two years in office isn’t even ahead of Clinton’s years, let alone the way the market reacted under the sound policies that President Obama put in place.

stock market reactions to the last four presidents
Stock Market Reaction to the Last Four Presidents

Live map can be found here.

As We Wind Down 2019

The current president is whining about folks talking about a recession and trying to pressure his own appointed chairman of the Fed to lower interest rates. Can’t anyone in that White House, all the ‘Great People’ explain to him that the Fed only lowers interest rates when they see there’s a problem on the horizon? When the chance for inflation to go up is present and the lack in consumer confidence puts a halt to spending?

He’s also saying, tweeting, that the main stream media is trying to ruin ‘his economy’ and re-election chances by talking about a recession, even tho a large majority of people who have degrees, holding high positions, actually are reading the tea leaves about what’s coming. When, not if, this economy tanks, it will be everyone’s fault but his own, just ask him or listen to him. Coming from a man that has bankrupted every company he has owned, at least once.

As these couple of graph show, it is/was not Trump who has gotten us where we are today, yet he is the one hell bent on destroying it. He and certain members of Congress that just go right along with what ever the wind direction from the top is blowing from Tweet to Tweet.

This economy has been strong for years!

The Numbers Don’t Lie! Look where Bush left and Obama took over in 2008


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