Trump’s Shovel Just Keeps Getting Bigger!

Trump’s Shovel Just Keeps Getting Bigger!

I believe I was still in High School, back in that ‘last’ century, when I first heard the term ‘If you are in a hole, put down the dang shovel’.

I’ve used it numerous times since then, for myself and advice to others. It just makes sense, stop digging yourself into a deeper situation than you are already in.

In Regards to Paul Manfort

He lambasted the FBI raid on Manafort’s office and home as the beginning of the proverbial witch hunt, back in July of 2017.

‘Paul’s a fine human being and this whole raid is meant to punish me for beating Tired Hillary’.

They began with that and the statements of such a ‘small role’ Manafort played in Trump’s election campaign, although he was at one time the election campaigns chairman. shovel.

Now there’s the talk of a Pardon and poor Paul, who was given a slap on the wrist during his sentencing of the Robert Mueller’s investigation into the Russia probe and given only 47 months in prison. Lying to Congress, the Special Council and then the judge.

Well, this week we’ll find out this week if another Judge, Amy Berman, is in the same frame of mind. He will be sentenced for conspiring against the U.S. and for a conspiracy to obstruct justice connected to his covert lobbying for foreign powers.

Now Individual-1 says that he feels ‘very badly for Paul and his family’ even though his top lawyer, Rudi climb over the ruble Gulianni, over the last 8 months or so has pinned him as a lire and cheat. shovel.

Regards to Michael Cohen

Again, it came from Trump’s mouth that the raid on his fixer’s office and home was an ‘over reach’ by the FBI just trying to overturn an election that angry Democrats thought was stolen.

But just like others in his ‘drain the swanp’ circle, have been convicted to lying to Congress and the official investigation into Russia’s involvement in the election that put Trump into office.

Cohen took care of many of the orange haired moguls ‘dirty deeds’, including burying his grades and records from his high school and college Alma-maters.

Not to mention the ‘hush money’ paid to numerous ‘extra marital affairs’ the Donald had so that they wouldn’t come out during his election run. shovel.

Tax Cuts for the Middle Class

What a ripoff that whole scam was, but yet he doesn’t use it in any of his campaign style news conferences or rallies to his base. I have to give him credit on this one, he has kept his lying mouth shut because the facts and figures coming from the IRS show that there were no cuts except to his 1 to 5% millionaire buddies. shovel has been put down.

Nothing But The Witch Hunt

Since being appointed Special Counsel to look into Russian’s interference into the election, that put the current person in charge of our Country, Robert Mueller, through March 10th of 2019, has filed 198 criminal charges, has indicted and or garnered guilty pleas from 37 individuals or entities, and has his end game in sight.

Here’s just a few. Paul Manafort, Michael Coehen, Rick Gates, Michael Flynn, 13 Russian Nationalists, Alex van der Zwaan, Konstantin Kilimnik, 12 Russian Military Intelligence Officers, George Papadopoulos, and who can forget the lunatic Roger Stone!

Many say that a sitting President can’t be indicted for a crime while that person is in office and the final determination will be at the head of the Justice Department, a trump appointee.

Now that we finally have a check and a balance, with the new majority in the House of Representatives firmly out of control of the Republican’s ‘look the other way’ approach during the first two years of autocratic control of Congress, it pleases me that Trump and his family wake up every day thinking about what is going to come down while I’m awake.

The new house has sent out requests for information regarding the influence and corruption of this President and his family members during and after the election. Some 80 individuals and entities are now going to be under extreme pressure to produce documents that don’t lead to high crimes and misdemeanors for articles of impeachment that will be filed some time this year.

And even if Trump and his family can’t be charged with crimes from a Federal Jurisdictions, there are many State and Local jurisdictions that don’t have the same BS interpretation as the feds.

Dear Mr. Trump

Your twitter feed and your actions on the world stage have set you up for exactly what you deserve and will soon be getting. Just keep digging, build up that marvelous golfing body you have with more McWhatevers and keep watching Fox News through all of the hours your press secretary describes as Executive Time.

Those of us that saw you for what you were before the election can now only hope that the blind ones that voted for you will finally see the light.

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