Trump’s Trade Tantrum

Trump’s Trade Tantrum

Increasing Tariffs and Stocks Are Tanking

As of this Saturday morning, the country is absorbing another large loss on the US Stock market, while all of us are looking to pay for a stupid trade war that hopefully, will finally get some spineless Republican congressmen to open their mouths.

Not really counting on it though, because then ‘The Chosen One’ will come after them as a traitor to their party and country, much like he attacked the Jewish people if they decided to vote Democratic.

If you are not a farmer, or a consumer of large household items, such as washers/dryers, refrigerators and televisions, etc., you may have temporarily escaped the self inflicted tariff increases this ‘wag the dog’ President has already imposed. Tariffs that he claims “China will pay for”. Remember the Wall?

But this next round of taxes on the American people won’t be easy to get around.

American Companies have been hit the hardest, so far.

Most American companies, because of the improving economy the previous years, have been able to ‘absorb’ the costs of the tariffs to this point. They been able to keep from raising prices as they put their products on the shelves.

But according to the US Chamber of Commerce, that just can’t last forever. And man analysts, that don’t work in the White House, are now figuring that each and everyone of us will end up paying an additional $1,000, or more, per year, just to try and get along.

A few new clothes to send the kids back to school, food to put on the table, and what looks to be a much more expensive ‘gift giving’ season at the end of the year.

Just take a look at the list of items that tariffs will go up on a week or so before Christmas. Happy Holidays…

This man is tanking our country and the people on his side of the aisle are all enablers.

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