Weather vs. Climate

Weather vs. Climate

I’ve listened for way too long to canned responses and reasons that climate change is natural, nothing can be done,  that I’m only a tree hugging ‘Green New Deal’ activist or liberal. Bunk. Everything I write about the climate change in our world is backed by science

It pains me that our elected public officials(and you know who you are in this area who voted for these people) have the nerve to conflate the Weather and Climate. Two completely different things.

Politicians True Colors

For example, during the recent cold blast in the upper  Midwest, in early February, with temps into the -40° range, Individual-1, in a Rose Garden press conference asked ‘Where is Global Warming Now’ as people were dying due to the cold/freezing weather.

Or when a Senator, on the Senate floor, brought in a snow ball and said there’s no need for any new regulation on greenhouse gasses because it just snowed 7″ in Washington D.C.

These are paid shills for big oil spewing BS, to thankfully, a smaller sector of our population, that believes only what they hear from these folks or on Fox News, Rush Limbaugh, Ann Coulter and the like.

Why Should We Care?

Truthfully, I have many more days behind me than I do in front of me, so why should I care? Because the effects of our, arghhh, ‘elected’ leaders are already being felt around the world and will continue to be felt by our kids generation, and generations to come for our ‘blinders on’ attitude bucking science.

The folks currently at the top of this country have slashed all meaningful regulations to save our planet, to protect our waterways, our national resources, and most of all, the climate of our world. Yeah, there I typed it, we are all in this together.

For clarity, weather is the day to day, often minute to minute variations of events. Hot sun one day, snow the next. Rain before midnight, clear sky after. -40 below one week, above freezing the next. That’s all weather, minute to minute, day to day and so on.

Climate on the other hand is the weather over a period of time, some scientists use 25 years or more as a real test for climate and accuracy of forecasting what is coming down the pike in respect to our future climate.

If you don’t believe in science, then there’s nothing I can type here, most likely, that will ever change your mind. But if you are living in this country, everything you do, what you eat, what you drive, all had scientists, or the use of science, to develop. Why in the world would you not believe the science of our climate changing?

Purely Political

Don’t get me wrong, this is where your’s and my minds become ‘political’. We let our side of the aisle accept science in our daily lives. Why not accept the science when we vote?

Many, excuse the term, latched on to ‘drill baby drill’. What a piece of propaganda for big oil that was. Sure drilling creates jobs and decent paying ones at that. But, and this is a Bertha sized but, it takes more fossil fuels and natural resources, ie; water, to produce shale natural gas than it does for the savings over other, more green ways of heating our homes and running our factories. Bring data to the conversation if you wish to dispute that, ’cause I have plenty for stating it.

I’m opening this up to all comments, if they refrain from name calling, but please, don’t just come here and recite the talking points of your favorite elected official, or the ‘journalists’ in short skirts from Fox News.

Bring some facts to back up why you believe climate change is ‘natural’ and not affected by fossil fuels. Or why the polar ice caps, after centuries are now at their smallest and continuing to get smaller. Or why all coastal cities in this country know that water levels are rising against their borders.

It’s a flat out challenge to those who elected our current State and Federal officials, on the right, that have big oil in their pockets.

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